Kingdom Ventures


In 2021, a seasoned business executive had the vision to do God’s will by launching thousands of ventures in a short period of time. Both ‘serving the least of these’ and advancing The Great Commission’ would be blessed by thousands of enterprises rooted in The Gospel. That business executive was Rob Monster, who is also known as Chairman of Epik Holdings, and the message was contagious. A seasoned team of business executives gathered to co-labor and God’s favor began surfacing in extraordinarily relevant ventures.

Rob Monster

The Kingdom Companies Executive Chairman is best know as Founder and CEO of Epik Holdings. Following God’s promptings, Rob assembled a portfolio of tech companies that now provide much of the resilient infrastructure of the Kingdom Companies including Kingdom Nation and Kingdom Ventures. God’s hand on Epik resulted in an unmatched portfolio of end-to-end technology solutions for sustaining digital presence, come hell or higher water. For most of Epik’s history, Rob funded its rapid growth from cash flow while becoming home to most of America’s largest free-speech platforms using a cash efficient crawl-walk-run-fly approach.

Jeremy Lamont

Jeremy Lamont, President of Kingdom Companies, is best know as the Founder, CEO, and publisher of GODSPEED Magazine (GSM). Since 2012, Jeremy led GSM’s digital publication focused on God in action. In 2019, The Holy Spirit elaborated that Jeremy would lead a movement bringing more than 100 million believers into unity in Christ through trade. In GSM, the Lord brought together globally recognized journalists and beloved national figures like Dr. Alveda C. King (MLK’s niece) and David Aikman (TIME 23 years) for a time when God would call Kingdom Companies to do His will by launching a sovereign nation with many initiatives including an immersive 3D lifeverse.

Giftson and Samson Selladurai

Giftson (left) and Samson (right) Selladurai, Kingdom Companies Office of the CTO, are best know as founders of Ruah Tech Australia (which launched in 2015), where they built a reputation for developing Kingdom technology projects. In 2021, Giftson and Samson approached Rob about a virtual reality development that they had been incubating for several years. Rob identified the potential of virtual reality to create immersive experience for the decentralized body of Christ building on the past success of Second Life and the emerging popular interest.

Jim Rogers

A fellow Servant Capitalist, Jim has worked for some of the world’s largest technology companies, including IBM, Compaq, HP and Canon, as well as consulting thousands of early-stage ventures. His 35+ years of experience is built atop of a lifelong foundation in Christ. Jim co-creates the Kingdom Ventures platform connecting kingdom-minded capital with kingdom-minded entrepreneurs and partners.

David Roy Newby

A fellow Servant Capitalist, David has published 3 books and shared the stage with thought leaders and billionaires, including Robert Kiyosaki, David Green of Hobby Lobby, and the Rockefellers. Coming from a broken home, David is very passionate about helping men be better leaders in their homes and in their businesses modeling Christ’s example. David co-creates the Kingdom Ventures platform modeling Joseph and Solomon, seeking God’s wisdom to bring creative marketplace solutions to global challenges.

Greg Yu

Greg brings legal analysis and guidance into spiritual wisdom required of Kingdom Ventures and the team. He has extensive corporate, litigation and IP experience from New York City and Silicon Valley, in addition to serving as a CPA and auditor prior to law school. He believes that all true wisdom and counsel comes from Above. Outside of the legal arena, Greg has worked bank payments processing, elder home care, youth afterschool training, and his own literacy solution for children, teens and adults. For him, “on earth as it is in heaven” should be practiced in all forms of conduct, negotiation, communication and interaction. To do so, Greg depends on strength from the Lord daily.